wayang golek 1Wayang known since prehistoric times which is about 1500 years before Christ. Indonesian people embrace animistic belief in the form of ancestor worship of spirits called or dahyang hyang, manifested in the form of statues or pictures.
Wayang is the Indonesian traditional arts are mainly developed in Java and Bali. Wayang show has been recognized by UNESCO on November 7, 2003, as an amazing work culture in the field of narrative story and legacy of the beautiful and very valuable (Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity).
There are Wayang versions played by people with costumes, known as the Wayang people, and there is also a Wayang in the form of a set of dolls that are played by the puppeteer. Wayang played this mastermind such a Wayang show or wayang kulit. The story is told in the wayang performance usually comes from the Mahabharata and Ramayana.
Foto Wayang
 Wayang beber 2  Wayang beber 3
 wayang golek 2  Wayang beber 1
 Wayang kulit 1  Wayang kulit 2
 Wayang kulit 3  Wayang kulit 4
 Wayang kayu rama shinta  Wayang kayu 1
 Wayang kayu 3  Wayang suket 3
 Wayang suket 1  Wayang suket 2

 Wayang show in every country has its own techniques and style, thus Indonesian Wayangs are made of native Indonesian who has a story, style and extraordinary puppeteer.

   Wayang suket 4

Sometimes repertoire Panji stories and stories Menak (Islamic stories) performed well.
Wayang, by the predecessor of this country really means very deep. Sunan Kali Jaga and Raden Patah was instrumental in developing the Wayang. The Guardian in Java has been set up in such a way into three parts. First Wayang Kulit in East Java, both Wayang Wong or Wayang in Central Java, and the third Marionette Wayang in West Java. Each very bekaitan one another. Namely “Where the contents (Wayang Wong) and Where the Skin (Wayang Kulit) should be sought (Wayang Marionette)”.
Wayang people 1

Types of Wayang

* Wayang Kulit
1. Wayang Purwa
2. Wayang Madya
3. Wayang Gedog
4. Wayang Dupara
5. Wayang Revelation
6. Puppet Suluh
7. Wayang Kancil
8. Wayang Calonarang
9. Wayang Krucil
10. Wayang Ajen
11. Wayang Sasak
12. Wayang Sadat
13. Wayang Parwa

* Wood Wayang
1. Wayang Marionette / Wayang Thengul (Bojonegoro)
2. Wayang Menak
3. Flat Wayang / Wayang smacking
4. Wayang Klithik

* Wayang Beber

* Wayang People
o Wayang Gung (South Kalimantan)
o Mask Wayang (Wayang people use masks in South Kalimantan)
* Wayang Suket

* Wayang Gung
* Wayang Timplong
* Wayang Arya
* Wayang Potehi
* Wayang Gambuh
* Wayang Parwa
* Wayang quarts

Wayang tengul

The types of wayang kulit by region or ethnic origin

Wayang also exist that use local language as Betawi Malay, Palembang language and language of Banjar.

* Wayang Java Yogyakarta
* Wayang Surakarta Java
* Wayang Kulit Gagrag Banyumasan
* Wayang Bali
* Wayang Sasak (NTB)
* Wayang Kulit Banjar (South Kalimantan)
* Wayang Palembang (South Sumatra)
* Wayang Betawi (Jakarta)
* Wayang Cirebon (West Java)
* Wayang Madura (now extinct)
* Wayang Siam (Kelantan, Malaysia)

Wayang topeng
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